• Volunteer •

Our organization runs on the efforts of volunteers like you. We have a group of dedicated volunteers on the executive that coordinate and run the program from day to day. Should you be interested in joining the team, review the position descriptions below and contact the president.

Our parents are expected to volunteer a certain amount of time as part of registration costs. You may register to volunteer in one or more of the many different jobs available. Please choose a position and email our volunteer coordinator. Thank you.

Here is a list of executive members, click on their titles for their duties.


The president is responsible for the overall operation of the club. This includes planning, chairing the executive meetings, and public relations.


This position is responsible for administrative duties related to meetings, including taking minutes. This position also provides administrative support to the president.


The registrar is responsible for planning and administering the registration process for all league registrations. This position also collects and distributes volunteer listings as part of the registration process.


This position will undertake all financial duties of the club. This involves maintaining the financial records and performing the majority of financial transactions (writing checks).

Youth Coaches Director

The youth coaches director will coordinate all coaching activities for U12 and up.

Field Director

This position will ensure that all fields are prepared and ready for both regular season play and competition. Any problems that will affect field activity should be forwarded to the president.

Referee Director

The referee director will coordinate the referees to ensure that all competition play has the appropriate and qualified referees for that age group.

Equipment Manager

This person will keep track of all equipment used by the club. This includes distributing ball, pinnies, and pylons to team equipment managers, and replacing defective or worn equipment.

Mini Soccer Director / Committee*

This director or committee will coordinate all league activities for mini soccer. This includes scheduling, soccer shirts, and any other league related activities.

Wetlands Director / Committee*

This director or committee will coordinate all activities relating to planning and implementing the Wetlands Soccer Tournament.

Mini Wetlands Director / Committee*

This director or committee will coordinate all activities relating to planning and implementing the Mini Wetlands Soccer Tournament.

Concession Coordinator

This person will ensure the staff, equipment and supplies are in place for the concession stands for the tournaments, including supervising or designating a supervisor for the concession stand during the tournaments.

Fundraising Committee*

This group is in charge of raising funds, donations of money, services or products from the business community. Some canvassing can be for prizes, equipment, or anything the club needs to function.

*Where a committee is used to perform a function, at least one committee member must be present at each executive meeting.